Web Design & Branding for Aston Martinis

A luxury martini bar

Aston Martinis
Aston Martinis

About the project

Aston Martinis is a premium experience that caters to discerning patrons looking for a refined and sophisticated night out. The goal of this project was to create a brand identity and website that reflected the bar's elegant and exclusive atmosphere, all while ensuring the website was fully accessible.

Design Process

To develop a strong design that would accurately represent Aston Martinis, I began by creating storyboards, gathering inspiration, and wireframing the website. I then moved on to the prototyping phase, where I iteratively refined the design and user experience, ensuring that the website's functionality and aesthetics were in harmony.

The Design Itself

The Aston Martinis logo is a minimalistic martini glass with an olive, set against a black and white background with a touch of green to add a pop of colour. The font choice was a sophisticated and elegant serif, which further emphasized the bar's exclusivity and refinement.

For the website, I continued with the minimalistic theme and utilized a clean and simple design that emphasized Aston Martinis' core offerings. The Aston Martinis website is fully optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms to ensure that customers can access the site no matter what device they are using. The website features a clean and intuitive layout that allows users to easily navigate through the different sections and learn more about the bar's menu, events, and offerings.

Key Takeaways

This project taught me the importance of prioritizing the user experience, particularly with accessible web design. I also learned the value of consistent branding and how to create a minimalistic yet sophisticated aesthetic that accurately reflects a brand's values.

If I Could Go Back in Time and Start this Project Again...

If I could start this project again, I would consider adding a reservation system to the website. However, it was a conscious decision not to include one for this project, and the bar may not necessarily need one.

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