I'm your all-in-one design whiz, fearlessly diving into the realms of UX/UI, graphic design, illustration, map making, and urban design, all while delivering playful and captivating visual experiences.

About me

I'm a designer that specializes in creating business value through engaging user experiences. Whether it's creating a webpage, app, a map, or even a branding guideline I keep the user story at the centre of my work. I've worked in numerous sectors of the design field, including UI / UX design, illustrations, graphic design, map design, and urban design. This variety of experience gives me a uniquely holistic perspective on what design can be.


Region of Waterloo
2022 / 2023

Lead Designer

  • Collaborated with Smart Waterloo Region to develop and establish compelling brand identities for various ongoing projects.
  • Designed engaging and intuitive user experiences (UX/UI) for a cutting-edge web3.0 data sharing platform, an AI translator webpage, and an AI translator chatbot, ensuring seamless interactions and user satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated strong project management skills as the lead for "Community Canvas," a pilot initiative aimed at creating 20 captivating murals across the Region of Waterloo.
2021 / 2022

Map Designer

  • Synthesize information from blueprints and architectural plans to digitize indoor venues and design visually appealing maps used for way finding and navigation using Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, and in-house CMS software
  • Names I personally worked with: Arabian Centres, Hudson Yards, Cadillac Fairview, & Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
LIZxDC Designs
2019 / 2022


  • Created a startup graphics company that designs marketing materials for influencers such as rappers, youtubers, and other artists
  • My most notable work is for Petit Biscuit, who boasts 4 million monthly Spotify listeners, showcasing my distinctive creative vision in the music industry.


UI/UX Design

Proficiency in designing intuitive and user-centered interfaces that optimize user experiences, incorporating user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing techniques.

Graphic Design

Ability to create visually appealing and impactful designs using a combination of typography, color theory, layout, and composition.


Skill in creating captivating and original illustrations that convey ideas, tell stories, and enhance visual communication.

Map Making

Expertise in designing clear and informative maps that effectively represent geographic information and aid in navigation and spatial understanding.

Urban Design

Knowledge of urban planning principles and the ability to create cohesive and sustainable designs that enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and livability of urban spaces.


University of Waterloo
2018 / 2023

Bachelor of Planning

Achieved a Bachelor of Planning with Honours in a co-op program, specializing in urban design, and complementing my studies with a minor in legal studies.

Universite Laval

Certificate of Bilingualism

Earned a Certificate of Bilingualism in French Studies, showcasing my proficiency in the language and expertise in understanding complex concepts, expressing ideas effectively, and comprehending various forms of written communication.