Illustration for an Album Cover

An album cover for an up-and-coming artist


About the project

I had the pleasure of working with a new artist named Kanni on the design of his album cover for his debut album "Trapped Mind". Kanni is an up-and-coming artist with a unique sound, and he wanted an album cover that would reflect the concept of his music. The album explores the concept of mental entrapment and the struggle to break free from one's own thoughts.

Design Process

To begin the design process, I first gathered inspiration from Kanni's music and the concept of the album. I wanted to create an image that would convey the idea of being trapped inside one's mind. I identified issues such as the need for the image to be striking and memorable, and to stand out among other album covers. Additionally, I wanted to find a market gap that would make the album cover unique and different from other covers in the same genre.

The Design Itself

After much consideration, I decided to use a thermal image of a person's head and brain as the main image for the album cover. The thermal imaging gives the image a sense of depth and texture, and the use of the brain conveys the message of being trapped inside one's own thoughts. The brain is wrapped with barbed wire to emphasize the feeling of entrapment and to create a sense of discomfort for the viewer. The use of a monochromatic color scheme with a pop of red draws attention to the image and makes it memorable.

Key Takeaways

One key takeaway from this project is the importance of understanding the concept and message behind the product. As a designer, it's crucial to understand the artist's vision and to convey it through the design. Another important takeaway is the need to stand out from the competition. By identifying a market gap and creating a unique design, the album cover is more likely to capture the attention of potential listeners.

Now What

Now that the album cover design is complete, the next steps for Kanni are to release the album and promote it through various channels. The album cover design will be used on streaming platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify, as well as on promotional materials such as posters and social media graphics. I look forward to seeing the impact that the album and the design will have on Kanni's career as an artist.

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